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SOS Therapy and Learning Centre provides speech pathology services for children as young as 10 months and above, adolescents and adults. SOS therapy and learning Centre provides therapy to children using movement and play based learning. We are a child and family centred practice, and believe in supporting parents with information, resources, advice and techniques to enable them to assist and encourage their child’s development at home.

Clare Catmore is a member of Speech Pathology Australia and registered with Medicare and all Private Health funds. Additionally, Clare is a member of the Private Speech Pathologists Association of WA, (PSPAWA), and is a provider for the Department of Veteran's Affairs.


What is a Speech Pathologist?


A Speech Pathologist is a tertiary trained professional who is educated in the study of the development and disorders of communication and swallowing.


We offer two Initial Asessment options.

1. Initial Assessment - Short Consultation

   This one hour assessment session is

   for less complex cases and does not

   include a full written report. Teachers

   are welcome to contact us to discuss

   assessment outcomes and therapy

   recommendations. The fee is $230.00

   Item No: S320.

Therapy Sessions

We provide 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour therapy sessions. Your speech pathologist will discuss the length of therapy sessions for your particular needs. Fees for therapy sessions are as follows:

1. 30 minutes - $85.00.

   Item No: S340.

2. 45 minutes - $107.00.

   Item No: S340.

3. 1 hour - $135.00.

   Item No: S350.


Clare Catmore Speech Pathologist Perth, speech therapy with children

We offer two Initial Asessment options.

2. Initial Assessment - Long Consultation

   This one hour assessment is for more 

   complex cases requiring a full written 

   report. Teachers  are still welcome to  

   contact us to discuss assessment

   outcomes and therapy recommendations 

   detailed in the report. The fee is $350.00. 

   Item No: S320.

Other Services

We provide additional services including:

     * School Visits for individual therapy

     * Attendance at school meetings

       (including IEP meetings)

     * Language Development Centre


     * COMING SOON: Free 30 minute

       information sessions on Speech

       Sound Development.

The fees attached to these services are determined on a case by case basis. Please make enquiries with Clare Catmore to discuss your individual case.

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Speech Sounds

Speech is the process of physically producing sounds with the tongue, lips, teeth, palate and jaw for communication. 


Stuttering is a disorder that affects the fluency of speech. People who stutter know what they want to say, but have trouble saying it because the flow of their speech is disrupted.

Speech Pathology Australia
Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) has a range of fact sheets on a number of important topics. 
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