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Homework - A Controversial Topic!

Homework - a controversial topic! I read an excellent blog post by Dr Justin Coulson, parenting expert, on why he banned homework for his 6 daughters until they reached high school. I agree with Dr Coulson that school homework and the sheer volume of homework given to young children is unnecessary and not evidence based. Home speech therapy activities provided by SOS Therapy and Learning Centre are tailored to the individual needs of each child using evidence based, multi-sensory activities, designed to make learning fun. For this reason we ask that our speech therapy activities take priority over assigned school homework. We support Dr Coulson's suggestion that reading for pleasure, without time or page requirements that make reading a chore, is a far more beneficial activity than school homework in Primary school. Dr Coulson makes a template of the letter he has used every year, with his own daughters, available for other parents to use. The Blog Post is attached and well worth a read! 

Clare Catmore, Principal Speech Pathologist, SOS Therapy and Learning Centre.

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