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Video of our Mission Impossible Nerf Game

Click this link to watch the video: 

At SOS Therapy and Learning Centre we are constantly looking for new ways to provide short, quick movement breaks that help our clients 'Power-up' to a 'Just Right' level of arousal in order to learn. Our 'Spy Nerf Gun' game with Angry Birds Pigs targets, mission impossible sound track and dimmed lights for the laser scope is a big hit. We place two Nerf guns st either end of the room, run around and dim all the lights, then turn on the Mission Impossible Spundtrack (because we’re spies!). The child runs and grabs a Nerf gun, runs and hides behind our office chair, then they pop up, or commando roll, aim the laser scope at the pig’s nostril and take a shot with a Nerf dart. Check out the short video of our speech pathologist demonstrating a version of the game in action! 

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