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Nearly Ready!....

We have been very busy this year working on a number of new projects. One of our most exciting projects is nearly complete and I couldn't wait to share some photos of our progress. SOS Therapy and Learning Centre's Nature Play Space will be open and ready for use the beginning of Term 2, 2017. This has been a plan for the Centre from the moment I saw the beautiful Jacaranda tree in a very spacious outdoor area. 

Our nature play space will include a sand pit bordered by long large logs, water play with river rocks, splash pad, a series of levels allowing water to cascade down to the splash pad, a mud kitchen, logs and stumps for climbing and hopping along and a swing chair hanging from the Jacaranda tree. We have half a tonne of river stones from River Rocks Online (thanks to Lachlan, his website is:, two tonnes of playground approved soft fall mulch and sandpit sand from Carlisle Soil Yard

The team at SOS Therapy and Learning Centre, along with their partners (myself and Terry, Hannah and Steve) put in a full day of heavy work to clear the backyard back to a blank slate. We managed to fill a skip bin and 2 trailers!! 

A huge thank you to Hannah's amazing partner Steve Capelli for cutting back our Jacaranda tree, for removing the lemon tree (including the very large stubborn stump), various invasive plants and for bringing a Dingo mini excavator. Steve Capelli owns Hills Tree Solutions and I would definitely recommend contacting him if you require any tree lopping or pruning services. His website is Another huge thank you to my amazing husband Terry Catmore for his tireless contributions to the development and improvement of SOS Therapy and Learning Centre (including arranging a crane from work and repaving the patio area).

We have big plans for our new nature play space! Apart from early language therapy we will also run small group programs focussing on early foundation skills required to succeed at school. We will be offering the 'Head Start to Pre-Primary Through Nature Play' and 'Head Start to Kindy Through Nature Play' programs in the coming months. 

This is all very exciting and we had to share the news: It's nearly ready! We look forward to providing an update with the finished play space. SOS Therapy and Learning Centre - Clare Catmore, Principal Speech Pathologist and Hannah Graham, Speech Pathologist.

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